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Hi, I'm Diana.


Asking for help isn’t easy, especially in a society where speaking openly about sexuality is rare and taboo.

Sex is a natural part of most individuals’ lives and a part of many relationships. Yet, somehow, you feel that you have uncertainties, questions, issues, concerns, and…no one to turn to. You may feel that some days your partner feels more like a roommate than a lover. Or, someone has hurt you and now you’re struggling to feel safe in your body. You may be searching for places to get answers about your sexual or relationship concerns but find it difficult to do so – where do you go? Who can you trust? Will there be judgement? On the outside, you are portrayed as the perfect couple, as if your sex life is wonderful, or like you’re in control of your body and your emotion.

On the inside, you’re overwhelmed, feeling guilt and shame at what's going on. You may be sitting here, looking through the internet trying to find answers to figure out: is this normal? will I ever recover? will this get better?

Whether you’re here because your relationship is in trouble, you need to figure out some sexual concerns, or you’re wanting to deal with sexual abuse or trauma you may have experienced in the past, you’ve come to the right place. My mission through my work is to provide a safe, judgement-free and sex-positive space for my clients to heal on their own terms and provide help through sex therapy, couples counselling, and trauma counselling. Regardless of your goal, I aim to help you grow into your relationship or sexuality and feel confident that you know how to find your way through.

My services are LGBTQ-, kink-, and poly-friendly, sensitive, and aware, as well as trauma informed. Ultimately, you are the expert in your own life; I am here to guide you along your journey to sexual satisfaction and confidence.


Photo courtesy of Ariana Pasin Photography

Photo courtesy of Ariana Pasin Photography

Relationship Counselling

Reconnect, repair your relationship wounds, and begin to move forward feeling more connected with your partner(s) and in your relationship.

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Every Positive Thing You Do In Your Relationship Is Foreplay.
— Dr. John Gottman

Sex  Therapy

You deserve to feel confident in your sexual identity and experience sexual pleasure, desire, and passion – sex therapy can help get you there. 

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Individual counselling therapy for trauma sex therapy and relationships vancouver

one on one therapy for issues

related to

sexuality, trauma, or relationships

couples counselling for relationships polyamory and non-monogamy sex therapy Vancouver, BC

relationship counselling for two + partners with a specialization in alternative relationships, including polyamory and ethical non-monogamy, related to relational issues, sexual issues, or both

Group therapy LGBTQ issues sexual shame, childhood sexual abuse, Vancouver, BC Canada

Therapeutic group support for a variety of issues including childhood sexual abuse, erasing sexual shame, and support fo parents of LGBTQ+ children

please contact me for more information on groups being run currently or in the future*

Concierge boutique services flexibility privacy premium vip therapy counselling Vancouver Canada

Looking for additional support with greater flexibility and privacy? Concierge boutique services offers you unlimited support including weekly counselling sessions and email/phone support for a monthly flat fee, including remote therapy.

Sexual Abuse & Assault


Trauma, especially sexual trauma, can be debilitating but it doesn’t have to be; you can feel in control of your body, mind, and emotions once again - counselling can help with that.  

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